Bristol, Uk – Top Shops Selling CBD Oil

With over 750,000 souls, Bristol is considered to be the de facto capital of England’s West Country. If you’re visiting and need CBD oil, you can find it here.

In this guide, we’ll evaluate the available options so you can find the right CBD product for your needs.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% (500mg)Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% (1500mg)CBD Oil w/ Curcumin & Piperine 20% (2000mg)

Is CBD Oil Legal in Bristol?

Yes, it is! Like the rest of the UK, it is legal for any shop to sell CBD products. The only condition attached – its THC concentration must be 0.2% or lower. All shops promoted in this guide abide by CBD regulations set out by the Home Office.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Bristol

If you’re searching for a trustworthy Bristol CBD shop, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll list CBD oil Bristol stockists that stock tinctures, sprays, and other CBD products.

Where to buy CBD oil in Bristol, UK.
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Holland & Barrett

This national chain was the first entity in the UK to sell CBD products legally in 2018. In Greater Bristol, you’ll find six locations, with three located in or near the city centre.

Holland & Barrett carries seven CBD brands, including Jacob Hooey, Naturopathica, and Holistic Herb. CBD tinctures are the most common product type, but they also carry CBD capsules and oral sprays.

To find a location near you, use the shop locator tool on their website. They also include opening and closing times – if one is not open when you need, another might be.

Bristol Genuine Seed Bank

Of all the CBD providers in Bristol, the Bristol Genuine Seed Bank has been serving locals the longest. Since 2003, they’ve been providing cannabis seeds to the community.

has been serving locals the longest. Since 2003, they’ve been providing cannabis seeds to the community.

Bristol CBD genetics have long brought in customers from other cities. Their extensive experience means they are far more likely to offer actionable advice than clerks elsewhere. They carry CBD tinctures and one type of CBD skin balm. Prices are reasonable, ranging from £25 to £65.

You’ll find them at 7 Midland Rd, in the neighbourhood of St Philip’s just east of the city centre. Hours are Mon-Fri 10 am to 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm. The Bristol Genuine Seed Bank closes on Sundays.

High Life

Staying in the north end of Bristol? If so, you can find a variety of CBD products at High Life Gift Shop. Whilst cannabis accessories (e.g., bongs, vapourisers, etc) are their main focus, they do carry significant stocks of CBD products. CBD e-liquids and tinctures lead the way, but you’ll also find CBD wax crumbles, edibles, and more.

You’ll find High Life on Gloucester Road in the suburb of Horfield. Opening hours are Mon-Sat, 9 am to 5 pm. Take note – this shop closes on Sundays. To ensure your desired product is available, phone ahead by calling 0117 942 9400.

Recommended CBD Oil Suppliers That Ship to Bristol

Whilst you can find pure CBD oil in Bristol, it lacks the selection easily found in London. Fortunately, nothing can beat the choice that online retailers provide.

Looking for Amma Life CBD oil, or any other brand not found on High Street shelves? A variety of online shops provide selection above and beyond what’s available in Bristol.

Information About Bristol

Despite Bristol’s present status as a mid-sized city, it has historically been one of the UK’s most significant settlements. In past centuries, it has been a staging point for voyages to the New World.

Today, it is a pleasant harbour city that is popular as a weekend getaway for Londoners. After picking up your CBD oil, check out the following sights:

Things to see and do in Bristol

• Brunel’s SS Great Britain – A museum ship. This steam ship was the longest passenger ship in the world when at the time of its maiden voyage in 1845.

• Cabot Tower – Built on the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s historic voyage to Canada. Stands 105 feet tall, offers sweeping views of Bristol.

• Bristol Museum & Art Gallery – Contains art and artefacts from ancient times to the modern era. Contains works from local street artist Banksy.

• Bristol Cathedral – An 850-year-old Anglican church designed in the Gothic Revival style.

Conclusions About CBD Oil in Bristol

Bristol may not be London, but it is home to enough CBD shops to meet the needs of locals. Those with general needs are well-served by chains like Holland & Barrett. Meanwhile, those who need expert consultation often find it at shops like the Bristol Genuine Seed Bank.

Whilst you are in Bristol, you’ll find retailers who are able to serve your CBD needs.