Cardiff – Best Places to Find CBD Oil

Finding CBD in Wales can be difficult. For best results, check out the CBD shops in Cardiff. They have the selection that stores in smaller Welsh cities lack.

If you’re wondering where to get CBD oil in Cardiff, we’ll list everywhere you can find it. If we missed a spot, let us know!

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Cardiff?

Yes, it is. In 2018, the British Parliament made it legal to buy CBD in the UK. This law allows the sale of any CBD product, so long as it contains less than 0.2% THC.

When in doubt, check a product’s lab report. These documents list every cannabinoid contained, including CBD and THC. If its THC level is at 0.2% or lower, you’re in the clear!

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Cardiff

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in the capital of Wales, you have several options at your disposal. Below, we list the places that are sure to carry the CBD products you are searching for in Cardiff also known as “The Dif”.

Where to find CBD oil in Cardiff, Wales.
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Beanfreaks Ltd

Seeking the guidance of a CBD shop that’s indie at heart, but with the convenience of a corporate outlet? If so, we advise checking out Beanfreaks. Ever since they opened their first store years ago, they expanded to three locations locally.

On their shelves, you’ll find a wide selection of tinctures. Out of all the lines they carry, what is the best CBD oil to buy? That depends on your needs (ask a clerk), but customers have plenty of good things to say about Love CBD oil. Aside from these products, they also carry CBD e-liquids, CBD-infused juice, cacao chewable tabs, and more.

Beanfreaks has three locations in the Cardiff area. One is in the City Centre, whilst the other two are on Albany Road and in Canton. Call the downtown shop at +44 29 2025 1671 to confirm stock levels. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, the other locations might.

The 420 Lounge

Want to enjoy your CBD and a nice cuppa in the same place? If you live near Caerphilly in the Cardiff area, check out the 420 Lounge. Some time ago, two brothers noted with dismay that many CBD retailers didn’t disclose everything their products contained. Determined to change that, they started up the 420 Lounge, a CBD cafe in the heart of Caerphilly, a northern suburb of Cardiff.

Here, you’ll find a cafe that serves CBD milkshakes and coffees. Once you’ve enjoyed your beverage, browse their selection of CBD products. A variety of CBD oil tinctures, edibles, vaping e-liquids, and topicals are available. In particular, their nano CBD patch is great for those who don’t like the “weedy” taste of CBD oil.

You’ll come across The 420 Lounge on Ton-Y-Felin Rd in Caerphilly, just north of Cardiff. Reach it from downtown by taking the Transport for Wales commuter train to Rhymney station. From there, it’s a ten-minute walk south to The 420 Lounge. Hours of operation: 10 am-6 pm Monday-Friday, and 10 am-4 pm Saturdays/Sundays. If you’ve any questions, ask by phoning the cafe at +44 29 2085 2065.

Sativaworx Ltd

Most shops that sell CBD in Cardiff are health shops. By its name, though, Sativaworx makes no illusions about the focus of their business.

They’ve thrown a tonne of resources into quality control. They have 3rd party labs inspect their CBD products for impurities such as pesticides. As a result, the quality of its wares is higher than at corporate chains like Holland and Barrett.

In their shop, you’ll find full-spectrum CBD oil. Each has a unique flavour that covers up the “weedy” taste, from pineapple to cherry pie. Other product lines include CBD skin balms, oral sprays, CBD isolate crystals, and e-liquids.

You’ll find Sativaworx at 31 Albany Road in North Cardiff. To reach the shop from the City Centre, take bus route X1 or 58. Operating hours are 9 am-6 pm Monday to Saturday, and 11 am-5 pm on Sundays. Call +44 29 2132 8694 to check for product availability.

Cardiff Sports Nutrition

For years, this shop has been a favourite of local athletes. However, soon after being made legal, you could also get CBD oil from Cardiff Sports Nutrition.

To be honest, they don’t have the greatest selection of CBD products. Here, you’ll only find tinctures, gel caps, and CBD oral sprays. However, if you’re seeking relief from post-workout aches, you can get some cannabidiol to help with that.

Cardiff Sports Nutrition can be found at 170-172 Whitchurch Road in North Cardiff, near the A48. To get there from the City Centre, take bus route 35 or X4. Trading hours vary by day. They open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they do business from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. They operate from 10 am to 5:30 pm on Saturdays, and from 11 am to 4 pm on Sundays.

Confirm whether Cardiff Sports Nutrition has CBD in stock by phoning +44 29 2062 8228.

Holland & Barrett

Need some CBD, and fast? Cardiff is home to five Holland & Barrett locations. This chain of health shops was the first corporate entity to sell CBD products in the UK.

Selection varies by location. In general, this chain offers a wide range of products. They have scores of CBD tinctures from providers like Jacob Hooy, Holistic Herb, and Love Hemp. However, they also stock oral sprays, CBD capsules, edibles, and CBD drinks.

Two Holland & Barrett shops are within the core, whilst four of five are within the A48. If you are staying/living in Cardiff’s western suburbs, you’ll find a location in Culverhouse Cross. Use the Holland & Barrett locator tool to find trading hours and contact numbers for a shop near you.

Recommended CBD Oil Suppliers That Ship to Cardiff

For such a small city (335,000 souls), Cardiff has an excellent selection of brick-and-mortar CBD shops. However, if you want the best CBD UK brands, you may have to take your search online.

Scores of online shops offer numerous 100% legal CBD products. With excellent prices and cheap/free shipping, you can save money and stock up on your favourites fast! Just be sure to check lab reports first to ensure the CBD you’re buying is entirely legit.

Conclusions About CBD Oil in Cardiff

Right after legalisation, locals wondered, “Where can I buy CBD oil in Cardiff?” Thanks to the resourcefulness of local entrepreneurs, though, this compact city has better supply than many UK cities.

Apart from niche CBD items, you should have no problem finding cannabidiol in Cardiff.