CBD Armour Review

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products in the UK, one of the brands that you’ll run into sooner or later is CBD Armour.

CBD Armour claims to be one of the UK and Europe’s leading CBD oil brands offering the finest CBD products on the market. It takes the health of its customers seriously. As a result, the company cites its mission as creating a world in which “people can be healthy and happy”.

About CBD Armour

CBD Armour is an online retailer that has been selling CBD personal care products since 2017. The company aims to provide customers with the purest and finest CBD oil on the market. Therefore, all of CBD Armour’s products come from organic and natural ingredients.

CBD Armour employs “in-house” scientists to rigorously test its products. Consequently, you can ask results that prove that all products meet the highest standards. As a result, CBD Armour products are completely free of added flavours, chemicals or preservatives.

CBS Armour has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, the company seemingly doesn’t keep the accounts updated because there are no new posts on the Facebook and Twitter accounts in over a year. The Instagram account is a little more active but has still seen no activity for around six months at the time of writing. Likewise, there is little in the way of promotions or user engagement.

While CBD Armour gears its website toward the UK market, the company is actually registered to an address in Estonia. There is a contact phone number (01926754009) on which you can reach a sales representative. There is also a contact email (Info@cbdarmour.co.uk) listed on the website. Similarly, you can leave a message and your contact details by filling in the dialogue box on the Contact Us section of the website. CBD Armour aims to reply to questions, enquiries or customer service issues in within 48 hours.

CBD Armour runs a new customer bonus. All first-time customers get 10% off their first order.

Does CBD Armour Have a Good Reputation?

The well-known reputation evaluator Trustpilot has an entry for CBD Armour. Due to a high number of overwhelmingly positive reviews, CBD Armour has an excellent 4.5-star rating from 248 reviews. Below are some of the more typical responses from happy customers.

A similar story can be found when searching for opinions on the company on Reddit. Here, it seems like customers have been impressed by the value for money the company’s products represent.

It’s not all positive news, though. Despite reporting satisfaction with the product, some users have expressed annoyance due to CBD Armour’s awkward packaging.

What Does CBD Armour Sell?

CBD Armour has a relatively small CBD product line. Read on for a brief breakdown of each of the products it sells.

Silver CBD Oil – This CBD oil derives from cold-pressed hemp in virgin hemp seed oil. It has a full-spectrum cannabinoid concentration of over 10%. The oil is fully organic and comes in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. All oils have a CBD content of 1000mg per 10ml (e.g. 30ml bottle = 3000mg, 50ml bottle = 5000mg, etc.).

CBD Skin Balm – CBD Armour’s CBD Skin Balm has an impressively high CBD content of 80% (40,000mg/50ml). It contains full-spectrum CBD mixed with organic calendula, beeswax and herbal essences.

CBD Soap – CBD Armour makes its CBD soap from essential oils and hemp oil. The soap contains 15% CBD and is free from lye and detergent. Clay ovens bake the soap to harden it into a long-lasting castile bar.

Ultimate Hair Oil – CBD Armour has two different CBD hair oils. First, the Ultimate Hair Oil – Anti Dandruff product reduces flakes and prevent dry, itching scalp. Second, the Ultimate Hair Oil – Nourish and Rejuvenate product claims improve the general condition of your hair. Both products contain organic, natural ingredients and essential oils.

Where to Get CBD Armour Oil

CBD Armour products are mainly available for mail order. You can place an order through the company website. Free standard delivery is available on all orders within the UK.


CBD Armour is a relatively small CBD retailer with a dedicated client base and an impressive record of customer satisfaction. It offers a small range of excellent organic CBD products that are probably among the best currently on the market. For this reason, we would recommend for people who are serious about high-quality CBD products.