CBD Oil for Dogs UK – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

There is a specific product on the UK market that caters to the needs of our beloved dogs. That product is CBD oil for dogs.

Since we, humans, have so many ways of taking CBD, it was only a matter of time before our dogs could too. So that’s why someone came up with the brilliant idea to make CBD dog oil so both owner and pet can enjoy it.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs In the UK

As we mentioned, there are countless CBD products on the market. CBD oil for dogs is the best one for our canine companions.

Not only is it a convenient way of taking cannabidiol, but it’s also quite easy. All you need to do is add a few drops into their mouth or directly into your dog’s food.

This is precisely what makes it so good and so attractive to canine owners, so let’s talk about the best products in the UK market.

Product: CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats (Small Breed)
Price: $29.99
Description: 150 mg of high-quality CBD oil for dogs, cats, and other small animals weighing 20 pounds or less. Product contains no harmful chemicals, no GMO, no toxic pesticides and is made from the finest organic hemp, lab tested. First-timers are recommended a few drops of CBD oil.

Product: Pet CBD Oil 300 MG ( Medium Breed)
Price: $44.99
Description: CBD oil designed for medium breed dogs, cats and other animals ranging from 20 to 60 pounds. The product is made from high-quality, organic hemp that’s organically grown using clean and clear CO2. Product contains no harmful chemicals, toxic residue, or GMOs. Product comes in 300 mg tincture and is lab tested. Recommended daily usage is a couple of drops.

Product: Pet CBD Oil 600 MG ( Large Breed)
Price: $69.99
Description: 600 mg of lab-tested, organically grown CBD that has no harmful chemicals, toxic residue, or GMOs. Product is designed for large breed dogs, cats, and other animals weighing 60 pounds or more. It is recommended that you give your pet a few drops at first. It is perfectly safe to go above the recommended limit.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs UK

First and foremost, know that it’s legal to give dogs CBD oil in the UK. So long as the product in question has a THC content below 0.2%, you’re in the clear.

Next question: Should you give your dog human CBD? Whilst it’s technically safe, we don’t recommend it. Rather, it’s best to purchase dog CBD products. From dog chews to hemp oil for dogs, their creators have optimised dosages for pooches of all sizes.

Not all High Street retailers carry dog cannabidiol products. Check out the website of local brick-and-mortar shops, or call them. If none stock what you are looking for, plenty of selection exists online.

Finding CBD for dogs in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and most major UK cities is easy. As always, online offers the best price and product selection.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog

Dogs can be a finicky bunch when it comes to delivering assistance. Thankfully, innovative entrepreneurs have made dosing easy with CBD-infused dog treats. Give Rover the recommended amount – coated in a tasty treat, they’ll snarf it up without a second thought.

For faster-acting relief, use CBD oil for dogs. Place the recommended amount under your dog’s tongue with the squeezable pipette. If they aren’t having it, mix it in with your dog’s wet or dry food. This method might take a bit longer, but in the end, it will have the same effect.

Finally, if your dog has issues with its joints, a CBD cream may prove useful. Bear in mind that the more hair your dog has, the messier this will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about giving CBD to dogs? Below, we have listed the most common queries on this subject.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for dogs. Research into dogs has shown that cannabidiol is safe for canine consumption. So long as you follow recommended dosages, you needn’t fear side effects. If you’ve any doubts, consult your veterinarian.

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

We don’t recommend it. Human products are more potent than those formulated for dogs. CBD products for dogs have dosage instructions tailored to the size of your pooch. Follow them, and your furry friend will be fine.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

How long is a piece of string? Seriously, though – it depends on the size of your dog. Any CBD dog product worth their salt will have dosage instructions tailored to your dog’s mass. Follow them faithfully, and the product in question should work as intended.

What is the best method for giving my dog CBD?

CBD dog treats are by far the easiest delivery method for cannabidiol. They’re wrapped up in a delicious chicken, beef, or fish-flavoured treat, making the cannabidiol undetectable. It’s the dog equivalent of taking a chewable pill with ice cream – easy and convenient.