CBD Oil for Dogs in the UK

As a proponent of CBD, you’re confident recommending it to friends and family. Researchers have uncovered strong evidence that this compound has anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, and antioxidant effects.

However, some enthusiasts have given CBD to their dogs. This act makes you hesitant – after all, humans can eat chocolate, but it is toxic to canines. Is there evidence that these products can treat conditions that dogs suffer from? Is it safe? Will Rover get “high” from cannabidiol exposure?

First and foremost, CBD is safe for dogs. Should they accidentally consume it, adverse effects are extremely unlikely. Secondly, is CBD beneficial for dogs? That’s a question we’ll explore in this thorough guide.

CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs in the UK

Enthusiasts aren’t the only ones giving CBD to dogs. Scientists have also done this, albeit in only a handful of studies. So far, results have been promising.

In two small studies, cannabidiol has appeared to have alleviated seizures and osteoarthritis pain. This knowledge will only improve in the coming years, as recently launched studies release findings. Below, we’ll discuss the latest results, both scientific and anecdotal, regarding the effects of CBD on dogs.

Dogs in Pain

Just like their masters, dogs get old. When they do, they can develop arthritis. Since the UK made CBD legal, dog owners have experimented with it to relieve Rover’s limp. They’ve reported some success, but at the end of the day, these reports are anecdotal.

Now, it appears these claims have backing from the scientific community. Frontiers of Veterinary Science published a study performed by Cornell University on arthritic dogs in 2018. 16 dogs participated in a double-blind placebo trial – 80% of dogs in the treatment group experienced a measurable reduction in pain.

Don’t take this study as Gospel. Its sample size was small, and there’s no body of research backing this result. That said, it’s an exceedingly positive sign that appears to back up years of anecdotal claims.

Dog Seizures

Epilepsy is another condition that dogs and humans have in common. It’s a scary sight to watch your furry friend shake uncontrollably. Recently, CBD has gained acceptance as a treatment for epileptic seizures. Desperate to help their seizure-stricken pups, owners have experimented with cannabidiol products, with varying degrees of success.

It appears science is now endorsing this approach. According to a study conducted by scientists at Colorado State University, 89% of dogs given CBD experienced reductions in seizures.

This news is a very welcoming development, as traditional dog seizure medication is grossly inefficient. Drugs like potassium bromide and phenobarbital have scores of side effects and don’t even work 30% of the time.

Dogs with Anxiety

Separation anxiety: It’s a problem that afflicts countless dogs. As much as we wish we could stay with our pack members, modern life makes this impossible. And so, they bark incessantly, tear up couches, and have accidents indoors.

Could CBD products put our pals at ease? It’s certainly possible. Dara Katz filed an anecdotal report on PureWow.com, a women’s lifestyle blog.

The author gave her Pekingese-Dachshund mix a few drops of hemp oil before takeoff. The difference was dramatic – instead frantically barking and attempting to escape her pet carrier, the dog merely whimpered.

We must emphasise: This was an anecdotal account. However, we do look forward to hearing scientific evidence on CBD and dog anxiety.

Dogs with Cancer

Live long enough, and you’ll come face-to-face with it. Just as with humans, cancer is one of the biggest health threats facing ageing dogs. One in three canines will develop this disease in their lifetime – only half are treatable.

Can cannabidiol treat dog cancer symptoms, or better yet, actively assist in the fight against this deadly disease? Presently, no studies on the subject exist, but one at the University of Guelph in Canada has just begun.

We have, however, found a compelling anecdotal story told by a man who lives in Michigan, USA. According to him, his mixed-breed dog Kai developed cancer in 2016. It was this late-stage cancer, tumours located in multiple places throughout his body. According to the vet, the canine had only a few months to live.

With nothing to lose, he started to put Rick Simpson oil (RSO) in his pooch’s food. As the months went by, Kai went from lethargic and despondent to active and energetic. Some smaller tumours have disappeared entirely – 18 months after his supposed death day, Kai is very much alive.

We stress that this is an anecdotal story. However, this tale and others like it have likely inspired ongoing research into CBD and dog cancer.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs UK

First and foremost, know that it’s legal to give dogs CBD oil in the UK. So long as the product in question has a THC content below 0.3%, you’re in the clear.

Next question: Should you give your dog human CBD? Whilst it’s technically safe, we don’t recommend it. Rather, it’s best to purchase dog CBD products. From dog chews to hemp oil for dogs, their creators have optimised dosages for pooches of all sizes.

Not all High Street retailers carry dog cannabidiol products. Check out the website of local brick-and-mortar shops, or call them. If none stock what you are looking for, plenty of selection exists online.

Finding CBD for dogs in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and most major UK cities is easy. As always, online offers the best price and product selection.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

With any new treatment comes concerns. Over the years, there’s been much confusion between CBD and cannabis. Many fear getting their dogs “high” – with cannabidiol, you needn’t fear this outcome. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for sensations associated with being high.

In government-approved CBD oil, THC concentrations are at a negligible 0.3% or lower. Researchers have shown, time and again, that cannabidiol does NOT have psychoactive effects. Instead, it has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system, calming inflammation, among other benefits.

Follow the recommended dosage on the package, and your pooch will not experience adverse side effects.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog

Dogs can be a finicky bunch when it comes to delivering medication. Thankfully, innovative entrepreneurs have made dosing easy with CBD-infused dog treats. Give Rover the recommended amount – coated in a tasty treat, they’ll snarf it up without a second thought.

For faster-acting relief, use dog CBD oil. Place the recommended amount under your dog’s tongue with the squeezable pipette. If they aren’t having it, mix it in with your dog’s wet or dry food. This method might take a bit longer, but in the end, it will have the same effect.

Finally, if your dog suffers from joint pain, a CBD cream may prove useful. Bear in mind that the more hair your dog has, the messier this will be. Even so, persevere – the relief your pooch will feel makes applying this infused cream worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about giving CBD to dogs? Below, we have listed the most common queries on this subject.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for dogs. Research into dogs has shown that cannabidiol is safe for canine consumption. So long as you follow recommended dosages, you needn’t fear side effects. If you’ve any doubts, consult your veterinarian.

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

We don’t recommend it. Human products are more potent than those formulated for dogs. CBD products for dogs have dosage instructions tailored to the size of your pooch. Follow them, and your furry friend will be fine.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

How long is a piece of string? Seriously, though – it depends on the size of your dog. Any CBD dog product worth their salt will have dosage instructions tailored to your dog’s mass. Follow them faithfully, and the product in question should work as intended.

What is the best method for giving my dog CBD?

CBD dog treats are by far the easiest delivery method for cannabidiol. They’re wrapped up in a delicious chicken, beef, or fish-flavoured treat, making the cannabidiol undetectable. It’s the dog equivalent of taking a chewable pill with ice cream – easy and convenient.