Healthspan CBD Review

If you live in the UK and are into health and fitness, you’ll probably have heard of Healthspan. However, you may not be aware that the health and nutrition giant has begun its own line of CBD products. We did a bit of digging to find out what we could about them for you.

About Healthspan CBD

Healthspan is one of the UK’s largest mail-order suppliers of health supplements. The company has built up an excellent reputation for quality since it was established in 1996. It has always positioned itself at the forefront of health and nutrition advancements. Healthspan has recently made its first incursions into the CBD market.

Healthspan’s existing CBD product line consists of CBD oil, CBD Capsules and CBD skin products. All Healthspan’s CBD products are approved by the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA UK). This body ensures the legal and ethical standards of CBD.

Healthspan has active accounts on all the major social media sites. Its Facebook page is regularly updated with the latest deals and health/lifestyle videos. Healthspan also has Twitter and Instagram accounts that post every few days.

To contact Healthspan about its CBD products, you can call its dedicated call centre or send an email to You can also reach them via the Live Chat function on the website or via Facebook Messenger.

Does Healthspan CBD Have a Good Reputation?

The well-known business reputation evaluator Trustpilot has claimed account page for Healthspan. The account has a 3-star rating from 727 reviews. The Trustpilot reviews are mixed, that is clear.

Customers have generally complained about difficulties they have run into when trying to order from Healthspan online. As you can see from one of the examples above, Healthspan makes a habit of responding to comments left by customers on its Trustpilot page.

Other customers have complained about the short shelf-life of Healthspan products and what they perceive to be poor stock rotation.

There are also plenty of positive reviews mixed in with the negative ones too. These reviews typically attest to the quality of Healthspan’s products, services and information.

When it comes to Healthspan’s specific range of CBD products, there isn’t much information available on the internet. When browsing Reddit message boards, the only mention we could find was the following positive review below.

What Does Healthspan Sell?

Healthspan has a relatively small CBD product line. People who haven’t taken CBD before are the primary the target market.

High Strength CBD Oil Drops – A broad-spectrum CBD oil which is flavoured with peppermint and has a strength of 2.75%. It is made in the UK from EU hemp using the CO2 extraction process. The oil is available in either a 10ml bottle (250mg of CBD) or a 30ml bottle (790mg of CBD).

Super Strength CBD Oil Drops – At 5%, Healthspan’s strongest CBD oil is almost double the strength of its High Strength oil. The oil is flavoured with peppermint and made in the UK from EU hemp using the CO2 extraction process. It is available a 10ml bottle which contains 480mg of CBD.

Super Strength CBD Oil Capsules – Capsules made from the same CBD oil as is found in the Super Strength drops. Capsules contain 15mg of CBD and 500mg of a blend of olive oil and hemp extract. Available in packs of 30 and 60 capsules.

Night Time CBD Oil – A milder-strength CBD oil specifically designed to aid sleep. This oil is infused with hops, lemon balm extract, and honey and chamomile flavourings. It is made from the same purified CBD used to make Healthspan’s other oils. The oil comes in a 10ml bottle and contains 260mg of CBD.

CBD with Opti-Turmeric Capsules – A premium combination of Healthspan’s broad-spectrum CBD oil and its liquid turmeric formulation. Capsules come in packs of 30. Each capsule contains 5mg of CBD, 250mg of liquid turmeric and vitamin D3.

CBD Balm – Made using coconut oil, beeswax, lavender and CBD oil. This product contains 180mg of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD extract.

Where to Get Healthspan CBD Products

Healthspan CBD products are widely available on the UK high street. Large stores such as Superdrug and Boots stock a full range of Healthspan CBD products. Alternatively, you can mail-order them online through the Healthspan website.


Healthspan is a reputable and trustworthy brand which is a welcome addition to the UK CBD market. Although it currently only has a small CBD product range, these products are high-quality. We look forward to seeing where they go from here.