CBD Isolate UK – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Apart from CBD oil, there are many products on the UK market, but CBD isolate stands out from the rest.

CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol that a person can buy in the UK. Many confuse isolates with full-spectrum CBD, mainly because they’re quite similar. But the real difference between both is that full-spectrum CBD contains ~0.3% of THC, while isolates contain zero!

Any type of CBD product is allowed to contain no more than 0.3% of THC. While this isn’t enough to get you intoxicated or high, some Britons do take issue with it. Luckily for them, CBD isolate is the perfect product to satisfy their CBD needs.

Best CBD Isolates in the UK

In order to make isolates, the cannabidiol needs to go through a process of purification to reach the 99% purity mark.

During this process, THC and other substances and compounds such as oils, waxes, chlorophyll, etc., are also removed. This provides the user with a powdery substance that is 99% pure CBD.

The reason why isolates are such a hot property on the UK market is all down to the purification process. Some people are thoroughly against the use of THC, so this gives them a product that can satisfy their CBD needs without even sampling 0.01% of it.

And all products must contain no amounts of THC is they are to be sold as isolates. Naturally, we have a list of products labelled as the best when it comes to the UK market.

Product: CBD Isolate 99%
Price: £14.95 – £199.95
: 100 mg of 99% pure CBD extracted from hemp. No other compounds are present other than CBD and CBDv. Product appears in white powder and can also come in 20 mg, 10 g, 5 g, and 1000 mg packaging. Product has no flavour due to the lack of terpenes. Isolate can be used as e-liquid in vapourisers, in DIY oil & vape liquids, and dabbing.

Product: CBD Terpene Infused Isolate 95%
Price: £14.95 – £24.95
: 950 mg of 95% pure hemp CBD and 5% terpenes. Terpenes give the product smell and flavour. Product comes in 0.5 or 1 g size and a variety of profiles. Profiles include the likes of Grand Daddy Purple, Pineapple Express, Strawnana, Raspberry Cookie, Blue Dream, Tangerine Dream, Super Lemon Haze, and Banana Kush. Recommended taking method is vaporised for maximum effects.

Product: Pure CBD Crystals
Price: £20,65
: 99% pure CBD Crystals extracted from hemp farms across Europe. CBD content is 500 mg of pure crystals, free of THC and solvent Best use for this product is by mixing with a liquid or cream.

How To Order It In the UK?

It’s very easy to order CBD isolate in the UK and the process is much like any other CBD-related product. To order your favourite product, simply navigate to the seller’s website and add the required shipping information. Most sellers ship within 1-7 working days and will have your isolate delivered to your doorstep.

Before ordering, make sure to get in touch with your sellers regarding any questions you might have. However, you can also read our CBD isolate UK FAQ as we’ve pieced together a list of questions that Britons ask the most.

CBD Isolate UK FAQ

It’s perfectly normal to have questions in regards to CBD isolate, seeing as this particular form of CBD is unfamiliar to many people.

Is It in the UK?

Only CBD extracted from industrial hemp, pre-approved by the EU is legal in the UK. The compound that makes some forms of CBD illegal is THC, so only products with below 0.2% trace amounts of THC can be sold.

Is CBD Isolate Good?

Since CBD isolate has no psychoactive properties, it makes it one of the purest forms of CBD on the UK market. This makes it a good product for those that don’t want any THC when taking cannabidiol. CBD isolate is also tasteless and odourless, unless terpenes are added to the mix.

How Much Is CBD Isolate Per Gram?

On average, 1 gram of CBD isolate is around £15. However, that varies with each product and with each seller.

How Do You Use It?

There are multiple ways how you can use CBD isolate. For example, the easiest and most common way to do it is directly under your tongue. Other forms include vaping, adding it to foods and drinks, mixed into a cream, or to a carrier oil.

Closing Thoughts

An isolate is the purest, most THC-free form of taking cannabidiol without experiencing any mind-altering properties. This is what makes CBD isolate so popular in the UK, especially if we take into account that THC is an illegal substance.