London – Best Shops to Find CBD Oil

Are you searching for CBD oil in the city of London? If so, you’ve landed on the right site. In this guide, we’ll point you to the best places in the city to purchase tinctures, edibles, and more.

Ever since Parliament made CBD oil legal in 2018, its availability has dramatically improved. Even still, it can be difficult for first-time buyers to track down CBD products. We’ll take the guesswork out of the equation by answering your questions and pointing you toward the best shops.

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Let’s get started!

Is CBD oil legal in London?

Right now, there’s a bit of confusion around the legality of CBD. You may be wondering, “Can I purchase CBD oil in London?” The answer is: You absolutely can.

As of 2018, purchase of CBD oil with a THC concentration at or below 0.2% was made legal. As such, you can now find it in many High Street shops.

Where to buy CBD oil in London

London is a massive city. As a result, there are many retailers where you can purchase CBD products. Consequently, it can be tough to know where to buy CBD oil in London, England.

In this guide, we list businesses that stock government-approved CBD products. These include tinctures, edibles, and even CBD paste for sale. In the following listings, we’ll describe what the best CBD shops in London have on offer.

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Hemp Botanics Portobello Road

Don’t trust High Street brands to get CBD right? Check out Hemp Botanics over on Portobello Road. Owners Nick and Lisa have been involved in the creation and procuring of CBD products for many years. It’s thanks to their advocacy that there is even a legal CBD industry in the UK today.

Their successful experience with CBD motivated their venture into business. They used many products during that time – as such, you’ll find many sought-after products on their shelves.

Are you looking for Native Botanics CBD oil? You’ll find it here, as Hemp Botanics is a proud supplier. A bit peckish? You’ll find everything from CBD-infused chocolate to CBD gummies. Their range of products is diverse – CBD shatter, CBD body cream, and even CBD suppositories are in stock.

They’ve derived much of it from American hemp plants. Widely known to be the finest in the world, you can be assured a quality CBD experience when using them.

Visit them by swinging by stopping at Ladbroke Grove station on the Hammersmith & City Line. To ensure they have what you need, consult them by phoning 020 8354 9179.

London CBD Clinic

If you’re looking for a CBD clinic in London, pay a visit to the appropriately-named London CBD Clinic. These practitioners have used CBD to treat over 600 patients since 2001. Whilst they do sell CBD products, they also provide evaluations for those seeking their medical cannabis card.

If they can make a recommendation can, they will write you a letter of recommendation. Your doctor can use this letter to apply for a medical cannabis card on your behalf. Some conditions, like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis, only respond to hybrid CBD/THC oils. These are currently NOT available on the High Street. Thus, you will need a medical cannabis card to access the products you need.

Are you interested in checking them out? You can drop by their dispensary at 3 More London in the Riverside district. Are you seeking a medical cannabis card? Phone them at 0044 (0)207 205 7715 to book a consultation.

Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary

Ever since Parliament made CBD legal, companies of all stripes have flooded the market with cannabidiol products. Sadly, not all are high-quality. This problem was identified early on by the founders of the Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary.

This Northwest London CBD shop offers Londoners the best full-spectrum CBD oil on the market. To back up their claims, they post all lab reports in a clearly-marked menu on their website.

If you pop by in person, you’ll find a limited assortment of products. However, every item is high-quality. You’ll discover full-spectrum CBD oil, a range of edibles and CBD drinks, and CBD topicals.

Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary has its flagship shop at 261 Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Tube: Ladbroke Grove (Hammersmith & City Line, Circle Line.) They are open 10:30 am-6:30 pm Monday to Saturday, and 10:30 am-5:30 pm Sundays. Curious about stock? Call them at +44 20 7101 3886.

Mr. NICE London

Howard Marks: To cannabis fans, this man was an icon. Through the 1960s and 1970s, he was this plant’s biggest “merchant.” During that time, he became known as Mr. Nice, thanks to a fake passport containing this alias. Soon enough, he got in trouble with the law and served seven years behind bars. During this time, he wrote an autobiography promoting cannabis legalisation.

Fast forward to today, and some savvy entrepreneurs have opened a shop named after the late legend. To be honest, they don’t have a huge selection of CBD – all they have is shop-branded NICE tinctures & CBD-infused tea. If you’re a fan of Howard Marks, however, you’ll find branded apparel, grinders, and even his autobiography on shop shelves.

To find Mr. Nice London, head to 23 Noel Street in Soho. Tube: Oxford Circus Underground (Bakerloo Line, Central Line, Victoria Line.) Shop hours are 11 am-7 pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 pm-5 pm Sundays. If you have any questions, send them an e-mail at Sadly, their phone number is unlisted. 

FeelGood Cafe

On a gloomy day in London, nothing lifts spirits quite like a cuppa. Pair it with some CBD at the FeelGood Cafe. Getting there is a bit of a mission (it’s in Chingford), but locals rave about FeelGood’s vegan menu.

Give their CBD latte a go. This creamy coffee concoction will bring you to life whilst mellowing you out. This might not make sense, but you’ll understand once you try it! On the way out, stock up on their 100% organic CBD tinctures. Sourced ethically, they’ll make you feel good in more ways than one.

You’ll find FeelGood Cafe in the far northern London suburb of Chingford, at the Village Arcade at 49 Station Road. To get there, take the London Overground to Chingford (its north terminus). Operating hours are from 8 am-4 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 am-2 pm on Sundays. Ensure CBD stock by calling +44 7799 965611.

Strains CBD Oil Dispensary

More into edibles? Give Strains CBD Oil Dispensary a go. As the name of this modern, trendy shop suggests, Strains does carry full-spectrum CBD oil. However, they have become better known for their selection of candied edibles and CBD flowers.

They have multiple varieties of CBD gummies on offer, as well as CBD-infused honey sticks. They also have five different strains of CBD flower available, with accents ranging from Strawberry Diesel to Hawaiian Skunk. Note that all flowers contain less than 0.2% THC, per UK rules. Despite looking like cannabis, these CBD flowers are 100% legal.

Strains CBD Oil Dispensary is located at 24 Penton Street in Pentonville (North Central London). Tube: Angel (Northern Line.) Check the availability of items by calling Strains at +44 20 7833 0085. 

True CBD and Hemp Centre

Out in Southwest London and need to restock on CBD? Swing by True CBD and Hemp Centre. Upon entering, this smartly-designed shop will make your buying experience a positive one.

They are well-stocked with a diverse range of CBD products. They carry full-spectrum CBD oil, in tincture and capsule form. However, their selection of edibles is where they shine. On True’s shelves, you’ll find CBD honey sticks, coffee, chocolate, and of course, CBD gummies.

You’ll find True CBD and Hemp Centre at 22 Clapham Common South Side. Tube: Clapham Common (Northern Line.) Trading hours are Monday-Saturday 10 am-7 pm, and Sundays 10 am-5 pm. Check on stock by phoning +44 20 7720 8118.  

One Love Shop and Munchies Café

Live in the extreme north? If you’re close by to Waltham Abbey, check out One Love Shop. A local shop with heart, it opened to spread the CBD love after it helped the proprietor’s family.

Selection is limited to CBD oil and e-liquids. However, that’s not surprising given its location in an outlying area. Accessories like incense, pipes, shisha, and candles are also available.

One Love Shop and Munchies Cafe is outside the M25 in Waltham Abbey at 24 Highbridge Street. Those travelling from London proper should take the London Overground to Waltham Cross. Then, take bus route 251 to the shop (or walk 30 minutes along the A121.) They’re open 11:30 am-5 pm Monday to Friday, and 12 pm-5 pm Saturdays. One Love Shop closes on Sundays. Call +44 7951 525576 to confirm stock.


In need of CBD in Camden Town? If so, swing by LDN CBD. LDN CBD was one of the first indie CBD High Street shops in the UK, as it opened its doors on 5 July 2018. Social entrepreneurs Aaron Horn and Joesph Oliver are behind this stylish establishment; between them, they have extensive experience with CBD products. After an initial six-month popup stint became nine, they knew they had a winning concept.

They carry an eclectic range of products, including their house brand. They offer tinctures, CBD face cream, and even massage oil under the LDN CBD label. In addition to their goods, they sell e-liquids, CBD gummies, and even cookbooks!

You’ll find LDN CBD at 126 Camden Road in Camden Town. Operating hours run 11 am-6 pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 pm-5 pm Sundays. Tube: Camden Town (Northern Line). Call ahead at +44 20 3289 1968 to confirm supply.   

Farm CBD

If you plan on spending a leisurely weekend afternoon shopping in Shoreditch, do pop into Farm CBD. Farm’s small but attractive shop is a treat to explore, as they are located in a cosy back alley.

On its shelves, you’ll find a bewildering array of CBD products. You’ll find big brands and local London artisans represented in its tinctures, capsules, and CBD edibles. We fancy their eclectic selection of soft drinks – these range from CBD Cherry Cola to Tropical Twist. If you are visiting from outside London, stock up!

You’ll find Farm CBD at 214 Brick Lane in Shoreditch. Tube: Shoreditch High Street (Overground). Trading hours are Tuesday to Thursday 11 am-8 pm, Fridays/Saturdays 10 am-8 pm, and Sundays/Mondays 12 pm-7 pm. Phone +44 20 7739 1811 for enquiries.

Canna Club

If you fancy doing additional browsing whilst in Shoreditch, continue to Canna Club. Clean, modern, and posh, shopping here is a pleasure. If you’ve any questions or concerns, the CBD consultants on staff will be more than happy to address them.

Canna Club has a wide range of CBD products on its shelves. You’ll have plenty of tinctures, CBD capsules, edibles, and topicals to choose from. However, two of their product offerings stand out from the competition. First, they offer gift baskets filled with CBD products – expect to pay hundreds of quid each, though. Secondly, are you randy? If you are, get the lover in your life some CBD intimate lubricant. Yes, they sell that!

Canna Club can be found at 228 Shoreditch High Street. Tube: Shoreditch High Street (Overground Line.) This shop is open Monday-Friday 10 am-7 pm, and Saturday/Sunday 11 am-7 pm. Enquire about stock by phoning +44 20 7247 4679.  

CBD and You

Before going for a walk through Hampstead Heath, grab some cannabidiol at CBD And You. At this North London shop, passionate hemp enthusiasts will provide the guidance you won’t find at Holland & Barrett.

On their shelves, they carry the usual CBD tinctures, capsules, and skin creams. Among them, however, you’ll find several stand out products. In particular, we like CBD Living Freeze. It’s a roll-on stick that combines the healing power of cannabidiol with the cooling sensation menthyl provides. Edible lovers will want to try Lord Jones Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews. With 20 mg of CBD in each bite, it’ll be a challenge to stick to the recommended dosage.

You’ll find CBD And You at 87 Heath Street in Hampstead in North London. Tube: Hampstead (Northern Line.) Trading hours are 10 am-6 pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 pm-5 pm Sundays. Contact them via phone at +44 20 7693 7279.  

Green House CBD Specialists

Are you living or staying in the southern suburbs of London? If you need CBD, head over to the Green House CBD Specialists on Tooting High Street. In this nondescript corner of Greater London, you’ll find something quite surprising: 100% legal CBD flowers.

Don’t be shocked: They may look like cannabis, but they are from industrial hemp plants. All product sold here meets UK government standards (<0.2% THC), so feel free to buy their CBD flowers. If you aren’t in the market for that, they sell a wide range of other CBD products. These include the usual assortment of tinctures, capsules, and e-liquids. Noteworthy is their selection of CBD coffees and teas.

Green House CBD Specialists opens 10 am-8 pm Monday-Friday, 10 am-7 pm Saturdays, and 10 am-6 pm Sundays. You’ll find them at 49 Tooting High Street in Tooting. Tube: Tooting Broadway (Northern Line.) Call them at +44 7532 739009 to check stock levels.

TheDrug.Store Marylebone

Since last year, the CBD marketplace has evolved dramatically. While many items are available in health-focused shops like Holland & Barrett, companies like TheDrug.Store have gone upscale.

After experiencing success with pop-ups in Central London, TheDrug.Store recently opened its flagship location in Marylebone. In this beautiful shop, you’ll find CBD oils, CBD capsules, and topicals. Brands represented range from Dr. Kerklaan to Yuyo Botanics.

However, they stand out from their competition by offering CBD protein powder. Made by sports supplement company Willpower, Regen Protein Powder aims to help athletes recover from workouts faster.

Want to drop by? Reach their store in Marylebone by taking either the Central or the Jubilee Line to Bond Street station. You’ll find the store a short stroll up James Street and Mandeville Place, on the corner of Hinde Street. Phone +44 20 8012 8337 to confirm availability of product.

Holland & Barrett

If you’re looking to find CBD oil tinctures quickly, you can’t go wrong with Holland & Barrett. They are a well-established chain of health stores. As such, this brand has the most CBD oil shops in London, with 64 shops in total.

They were also one of the first retailers in the UK to stock CBD products. At present, Holland & Barrett locations stocks seven different brands. These CBD brands are Holistic Herb, Naturopathica, Jacob Hooy, Rapid CBD, Love Hemp, Satipharm, and BetterYou.

Across these brands, you’ll find three different CBD products: CBD oil tinctures, CBD oral sprays, and CBD oil capsules. Tinctures and sprays provide fast-acting results, while capsules are preferable for those who don’t prefer CBD’s taste.

Holland & Barrett locations can be found all over London. To find one near you, make use of their shop finder tool. To avoid disappointment, call ahead to see if your preferred CBD product is in stock.

The London Botanists

Want to give CBD a try, but want to feel good about it in the process? If buying CBD from corporate chains grates on you, stop by The London Botanists. Located a short skip from Shoreditch in Little Portugal, these entrepreneurs are committed to ethics and environmental responsibility.

They go to great effort to source their CBD from ethical suppliers. Their packaging is minimised and sustainable to reduce the impact on the environment. And they limit the product they carry. They do this to maximise quality, and to encourage the progress of the ongoing CBD revolution.

At present, they carry five different types of CBD tinctures and CBD-infused dark chocolate. All are made under their brand, making an excellent choice for those wanting to support artisanal producers.

Want to check out their wares? You can find the London Botanists in Little Portugal at 160 City Road. Are you taking the Tube? Travel via the Northern Line to Old Street station. Upon exiting, walk north on City Road for a couple of minutes, and you’re there.

Stock can be an issue with small suppliers. Phone +44 20 7129 7568 to check if your preferred items are in stock.

Atomwise Ltd

Atomwise has been a provider of e-liquids and vaping equipment since 2014. When CBD products became legal in 2018, they fully embraced CBD e-liquids.

They carry two leading brands of CBD. Harmony CBD e-liquids come in a variety of flavours. Several imitate the taste of popular cannabis strains, but others are available in flavours such as lemon or strawberry. Zen is the other brand – it is available as a pure CBD oil, and as a spray.

Atomwise has three locations in the Greater London area – Golders Green, Kentish Town, and Crouch End. All are in the North, so this shop may not be the best option for those south of the Thames.


True to its name, CBD VAPE 4 U offers a wide selection of CBD vaping products for Londoners. Their belief in the looming CBD revolution led them to change their name from Vape Shop London.

In their shops, they stock a more extensive selection of flavoured CBD e-liquids. From icy mint to cherry, this store will cover your needs if you don’t like the “weedy” taste of CBD. Additionally, CBD VAPE 4 U covers a broader spectrum of products than Atomwise. CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, and CBD skin cream are all among their offerings.

Like Atomwise, CBD VAPE 4 U has three locations in Greater London. You can find them in Blackfriars, Golders Green, and on Tottenham Court Road. Unlike Atomwise, CBD VAPE’s shops in Blackfriars and Tottenham are centrally located. These locations make it easier for Southerners to get CBD vaping supplies.

Recommended CBD oil suppliers that ship to London

If you can’t find Provacan CBD oil in shops on the High Street, fear not. Online stores are also an option. For instance, sought-after products like Charlotte’s Web CBD oil can be easily purchased legally on the internet.

Information about London

Now that you’re sorted for finding CBD products in the city, let’s talk a bit about London. Britannia no longer rules the waves. However, the reach of this once-dominant empire has made London into one of the world’s most multicultural cities.

More than 270 different nationalities call this place home, and its citizens speak more than 250 languages on its streets. This fact has given London cultural and gastronomic wealth that has made it the envy of the world. However, its history, which goes back more than 2,000 years, attracts most visitors.

What sights should you see while in London? On a short visit, don’t miss:

  • Buckingham Palace – the official residence of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II
  • The City of London – a city within the city and the financial capital of the world
  • Tower of London – home to the Crown Jewels
  • St Paul’s Cathedral – one of London’s finest churches in the heart of The City
  • Westminster Abbey – this church has been the venue for coronations since 1066 AD
  • The Shard – the tallest skyscraper in the European Union at 310 metres tall
  • The Houses of Parliament – Where the affairs of the UK are pursued. Home to Big Ben.
  • British Museum – With more than eight million items in its collection, it is a treasure trove of artefacts

Conclusions about CBD oil in London

If you’re looking to purchase legal CBD oil in the United Kingdom, you’ll find the best selection in London. From High Street health shops to artisanal producers, you’re bound to find the right CBD product for you.