Love CBD Review

Among of the growing number of CBD brands that are making reputations for themselves in the UK is Love CBD. We decided to review the quality of products and services it offers. Read on to find out more…

About Love CBD

Love CBD is a Suffolk-based company which was established in 2014. The family-run company manufactures and distributes a small range of CBD products from organic hemp grown in Europe. Notable among its products is its preference for CBD sprays over CBD oil drops.

The company is active across a number of different social media platforms. It uses its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to post promotional material as well as other articles of interest. These pages see a moderate amount of user engagement.

Getting in touch with customer service is possible via Facebook Messenger. Alternatively, can check the contact information page on the website. There you’ll find the following email address for customer enquiries:

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Does Love CBD Have a Good Reputation?

Love CBD has a claimed account on the well-known business reputation site Trustpilot. It has a high number of reviews compared to many other UK CBD suppliers (3,897 at the time of writing). 88% of reviews rate the company as “Excellent”, the highest possible rating. This gives Love CBD an impressive 5-star overall rating. Below are some of the typical reviews left by customers.

The majority of customers seem to be equally impressed the quality of products as they are by the efficient customer service.

A quick search on Reddit brought up a couple of threads in which a couple of accounts seems to corroborate what the Trustpilot reviews say.

What Does Love CBD Sell?

Love CBD has a small range of CBD products listed on its website. The company sources all its CBD from hemp flowers cultivated by European growers. The products summarised below are 100% organic and have purity certificates from independent laboratories.

Gold CBD Oil – Broad-spectrum oil “rich in cannabinoids and smelling strongly of terpenes”. Comes mixed with MCT oil and contains zero THC. Available 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg CBD bottles (20ml) with spray tops.

Dutch CBD Oil Spray – Broad-spectrum oil made from premium Dutch hemp flowers mixed with olive oil. Available 150mg, 300mg and 500mg CBD/CBDA bottles (20ml) with spray tops. Contains trace amounts of THC.

CBD Entourage Spray – Full-spectrum oil made from cannabis extracts from a mixture of different strains, olive oil and terpenes. Available 800mg, 1400mg and 2000mg CBD/CBDA bottles (20ml) with spray tops.

Dutch CBD Capsules – Made using the same CBD oil as the Dutch CBD Spray. Available in pots of 30 and 60 capsules (5mg CBD/CBDA per capsule).

CBD Entourage Capsules – Made using the same CBD oil as the CBD Entourage Spray. Available in pots of 30 and 60 capsules in Single Strength (10mg CBD/CBDA per capsule), Double Strength (20mg CBD/CBDA per capsule) and Triple Strength (30mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule).

CBD E-liquid – Love CBD E-liquid comes in Sativa and Indica varieties. Terpene-infused e-liquids come in 10ml bottles containing 250 mg CBD. Contains zero THC.

CBD Balm – Multi-purpose balm made from cannabis harvested by hand in Slovenia and Croatia. There are three available sizes: small (10g/100mg CBD), medium (30g/300mg CBD) and large (100g/1000mg CBD).

Where to Get Love CBD Products

You can order the full range of Love CBD products online through the company website. They’re also available from other health supply stores and online retailers around the UK.


Love CBD makes a small range of excellent CBD products. Customers generally show a high degree of satisfaction, both with the customer service and the quality of the products. If you’re looking for CBD products made to a high standard, you should consider ordering your next batch from Love CBD.