CBD Products in the UK – 2021 Guide

Online and on the high street, you’ll find a wide range of CBD products in the UK. You’ll even find CBD in beauty products these days. In shops, you’ll find face masks, serums, and bath bombs that contain this cannabinoid.

Want the best experience possible? Whenever possible, buy CBD products labelled as broad or full-spectrum. These variants contain the biggest range of cannabinoids, thereby ensuring exposure to a more comprehensive range of benefits. You can even drink it, since CBD tea is available across the UK.

Also, make an effort to purchase products that come with a full lab report. This piece of documentation shows you exactly how much of each cannabinoid your product contains. If you’re keen, you’ll have a great idea what experience each CBD oil will provide.

Eager to give CBD a shot? Below, we’ll feature all the wonderful CBD oil products you can purchase in the United Kingdom. You can buy most of these in London, Edinburgh or any other major city in the UK and of course order online.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD in crystalline form. Essentially, it is 99% distilled CBD, with few or no additives. Retailers usually sell it as a white powder. To consume it, either mix it in a drink or sprinkle some directly on your tongue.

What dosage should you take? To ensure a positive experience with CBD isolate, do consult your doctor first. However, if you end up taking a bit too much, don’t worry – CBD oil side effects are mild. At worst, you’ll experience drowsiness and a change in appetite.

CBD Tincture

In CBD shops in the UK, CBD tinctures are among the most common cannabinoid product you’ll find. A tincture is a small bottle that comes with a squeezable pipette. The latter feature makes it easy for users to administer drops as per their doctor’s instructions.

Many use CBD oil for relief, while there are many other uses. Tinctures have a kaleidoscopic range of uses – ask your doctor if CBD oil could help your condition. They also come in a variety of strengths. Many purchasers seek out CBD oil 10% for its added potency per drop. Be aware of your CBD tincture’s strength, as it affects the number of drops needed for a dose.

Tinctures are popular due to their ease of use, and the speed at which users feel their effects. When taken as directed (e.g., a few drops under the tongue), the first effects kick in within 15-30 minutes. For best results, wait a few minutes before swallowing your CBD oil. Typically, you can expect the effects of a dose to last about six hours, but your mileage may vary.

Which is the best CBD tincture? Honestly, most CBD oil tinctures tackle the same root causes behind the conditions they treat. What matters is dosage – confer with your doctor, and follow the instructions they give. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil, without getting too tired or hungry!

CBD Capsules

As useful as CBD oil is in tincture form, some people can’t get around its “weedy” taste. CBD capsules are a highly effective workaround and commonly used in the UK.

To take it, put it in your mouth, take a drink of water, and swallow – it’s that easy. Additionally, the dosage is never in question with capsules. Each one contains the exact amount of CBD indicated on the package – no guesswork needed.

What will you find within a CBD capsule? It depends from one manufacturer to the next. Obviously, all contain a CBD extract of one sort or another. However, because CBD is fat-soluble, most are oil-based.

CBD Gummies

Have a sweet tooth, and not ashamed of it one bit? You can combine your love of candy with your need to take CBD oil by eating some CBD gummies.

There is some confusion on the subject, so we’ll be clear. So long as THC concentration is lower than 0.2%, CBD edibles are legal in the UK. That said, goods like CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, and CBD  lollipops can be hard to find on high street shelves.

Fortunately, many online shops stock a delightful selection of CBD-infused sweets. We recommend going with suppliers who offer full lab reports with every purchase. These documents the cannabinoid content of every item they sell. In particular, check the THC concentration – if it sits at or below 0.2%, you can buy with confidence.

CBD Cream

You can also apply CBD oil topically via CBD skin creams, salves, and balms. These products deliver CBD via osmosis through the skin. Users have touted their effectiveness using the product.

After applying CBD topical creams as directed, expect to wait about 15-20 minutes before effects kick in.    

CBD Spray

Tinctures aren’t the only way to deliver CBD oil orally. CBD sprays are also an increasingly popular method to introduce cannabinoids into your body. To administer CBD in this fashion, refer to the directions given by your doctor. Then, aim the spray bottle towards your mouth. Then, press down on the plunger to trigger the spray.

How many times should you spray? Refer to the number given by your physician. However, if you exceed it accidentally, don’t worry – CBD side effects are mild. At worst, you’ll be a little tired or hungry.

CBD Vape Pens / Vape Juice

If you currently vape, we have fabulous news: CBD oil can be distilled into an e-liquid. As a result, it too can be vaped. Even if you don’t currently vape, taking your CBD oil this way has its advantages.

Vaping is popular to avoid the potential harshness of smoking a high CBD strain joint. Smoking high CBD cannabis exposes your lungs to abrasive smoke. What’s more, the act of combustion does introduce some carcinogens to your system.

Note: The CDC has concerns about vaping, lots to do with vitamin E acetate. For now, it’s recommended you consume CBD through the various other methods.

CBD Beauty Products 

As research into CBD continues, its benefits seem to grow by the day. One of the latest findings – CBD may have anti-ageing properties. 

How specifically do products like CBD face masks do this? According to recent studies, CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a powerful antioxidant – both effects act to reduce visible signs of ageing, like wrinkles and inflamed skin.

CBD Dog Treats

Why should humans hog all the benefits of CBD? While the evidence surrounding CBD oil for dogs is rather thin, the few studies performed have shown positive results. 

A Cornell University study found a significant decrease in discomfort when researchers gave CBD to dogs with joint soreness. Meanwhile, a Colorado State University experiment gave CBD to epileptic dogs. The result: 89% of test subjects experienced a reduction in the number of seizures.

At present, the availability of CBD dog biscuits from brick and mortar shops is slim. However, we did find some online shops that sell CBD dog treats – each treat contains 2-5 mg each. Start low and go slow when feeding your pet CBD – this way, you’ll find the optimal amount.  

Which CBD product should I choose?

In short, it all depends on your needs and preferences. We recommend you do some research to find out. The industry in the UK is growing and so are the number of products available.